Suvarna Prashan Dates In 2017

Suvarnprashan is available at Amruta Ayurved Panchkarma Center, Thane – mob 9869105594

  • Suvarnprashan dates in 2017

13 Jan 2017 – Friday

9 Feb 2017 – Thursday

8 – 9 Mar 2017 – Thursday

5 Apr 2017 – Wednesday

02 May 2017 – Tuesday

29 May 2017 – Monday

26 Jun 2017 – Monday

23 – 24 July 2017 – Sunday

19 – 20 Aug 2017 – Sunday

16 Sep 2017 – Saturday

13 Oct 2017 – Friday

9 – 10 Nov 2017 – Thursday

6 – 7 Dec 2017 – Thursday

Suvarnprashan is available at Amruta Ayurved Panchkarma Center Thane

All Type of  Ayurveda treatments for All Diseases are available at Amruta Ayurved Panchkarma Center, Thane, Mumbai, India. Mob – 9869105594

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Suvarna Prashan Dates In 2015 

  • 6 Jan 2015 – Tuesday
  • 3 Feb 2015 – Tuesday
  • 2 Mar 2015 – Monday
  • 29 Mar 2015 – Sunday
  • 25 Apr 2015 – Saturday
  • 23 May 2015 – Saturday
  • 19 Jun 2015 – Friday
  • 16 July 2015 – Thursday
  • 13 Aug 2015 – Thursday
  • 9 Sep 2015 – Wednesday
  • 6 Oct 2015 – Tuesday
  • 3 Nov 2015 – Tuesday
  • 30 Nov 2015 – Monday
  • 27 Dec 2015 – Monday

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Suvarna Prashan Sanskar

( Herbal Immunization For Children )

  • FREE  consultation for all the Suvarna  prashan kids @ Amruta Ayurved Panchkarma Center.

Suvarna prashan sanskar is one of the 16 essential rituals described in Veda for Human Life.

It is one of the most important ayurvedic oral vaccination which should be compulsorily administered to every child.

This vaccination is the most superior one when compared to the modern vaccinations .

What is Suvarna prashan?

The drops given to the children in which shuddha Suvarna bhasma (purified ash of gold) is administered with fortified ghee prepared with herbal extracts, and honey in liquid or semisolid form.

Whom to administer (Age)?

Suvarna prashan can be given to age group of 0-16 years.

What is the time of administration?

Suvarna prashan can be done daily early in the morning, or at least on every Pushya nakshatra- an auspicious day- which happens to come after every 28 days, given on this day it bestows excellent benefits.

What are the benefits of suvarna prashan?

  1. Suvarna prashan increases immunity power and develops resistance against common infections, thus prevents children from falling ill very often times.
  2. It builds physical strength in children and enhances physical activities  and also improves stamina for the same.
  3. Regular doses of Suvarna prashan improves child’s intellect, grasping power, sharpness, analysis power, memory recalling in an unique manner.
  4. It kindles digestive fire, improves digestion and decreases related complaints.
  5. Suvarna prashan also improves child’s appetite.
  6. It helps to nurture early physical and mental development.
  7. It develops an inbuilt strong defense mechanism in kids which acts as a safety shield against diseases and complaints occurring due to seasonal change and other prevailing infections.
  8. It helps body to recover early in case of any illness.
  9. It guards children from various allergies.
  10. It protects children from ailments occurring during teething phase.
  11. Tones up skin color.

Overall it makes child healthier.

Benefits of Suvarna prashan at Amruta Ayurved Panchkarma Center:

  • FREE consultation for every child
  • Drops are Prepared under guidance of the doctors
  • Drops Prepared using completely natural and organic products which are 100% original
  • Freshly made on every pushya nakshatra
  • Suvarna prashan drops and Shatashwa Tonic, both are given
  • Suvarna prashan daily drops are also available
  • Substantial beneficial results are achieved

Children taking Suvarna prashan doses regularly can be easily distinguished from their remarkably outstanding  physical and mental ability.This Suvarna prashan thus helps in the overall development of the child in a more safer way by providing SIDE BENEFITS WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECTS.

(P.S: As every human being is different according to Ayurveda, all have different cures. So, kindly consult us or an Ayurveda doctor before taking any herbal medicines.)

This post is written by Dr.Anand and Dr.Amruta Kulkarni who are a Chief Ayurvedic practitioners based at Thane, Mumbai, India.They are available as an online Ayurvedic Consultant on Skype. Skype ID – amrutaayurved

Amruta Ayurved Panchkarma Center offers Ayurvedic treatment globally for all chronic and refractory health problems. We are using high quality organic herbal extracts which are easy to take, effective and completely safe for long-term use.

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