Real Fact about Hair Care

Real Fact about Hair Care

India’s cosmetic hair care industry sales annually products costing around Rs 20 to 30 thousand crores . And we are the customers, who are experimenting those products on us very blindly. While its sales count has grown and thickened (Shampoo, oil, Hair dye, color, conditioner……), our hair count just never did.

Around 85% of men and 50% of women suffer from hair loss. Hair loss not only affects appearance but also destroys confidence, interpersonal relationships and even careers. Almost all women think that balding men look less attractive. The percentage of selected candidates for job interviews is more with full heads of hair. Till today we (at Amruta Ayurved Panchkarma Center Thane) have treated so many of hair loss patients over many years.

One of the most common and most dangerous concept about hair loss is that it is a cosmetic problem. In fact, it is often the result of an underlying medical condition. There are 30 to 40 different disorders that could result in hair loss including Thyroid, Diabetes, Nutritional deficiency, Anaemia, polycystic ovarian disease etc.

So let’s stop you from running from parlour to parlour, trying product after product.  A certain amount of hair loss is normal so don’t be panic. We see that people overly disturbed and very much depressed over hair loss which in itself further aggravates the problem.  We worry about losing hair which causes us to lose more hair.

While treating hair loss, the important thing is to find out root of the problem. The cause (root) of hair loss in different people is different. So hair loss treatment has to be personalized (due to difference in root cause) and individualized. And why Ayurveda is so successful with hair loss, without side effects is because its solutions factor in each patients unique case history including all physical and psychological disorders to diagnose the cause of the problem.

So long term and permanent solution of hair loss is to treat its root cause with the help of Ayurveda Doctor.

Please visit once to Amruta Ayurved Thane for expertise opinion about your hair and skin problems.

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