Ayurvedic Kaval (Swish) and Gandush (Fill & Hold) – Oil Pulling

Ayurvedic Kaval (Swish) and Gandush (Fill & Hold) – Oil Pulling

Retention of medicated decoction or oil in the mouth for a few minutes. Gandusa is good for cleansing, detoxifying and aids in mouth, voice, gum and tooth disorders. Gandusa addresses bad breath, whilst improving the flexibility of facial muscles.

The technique of Oil Pulling is mentioned in ancient books of Ayurveda. Mentioned in Sanskrit as “Kavala “, Oil pulling is basically a simple method where one needs to sip some oil and swish it through the oral cavity for some times before throwing it out. Another simple diversion of this method is called as “Gandsuh” where one holds the oil in the mouth  for some time before throwing it out. In both the methods one does not swallow the oil at all, so no fears on that lines.

Sometimes the simplest procedures produce the greatest results

Oil pulling is traditionally done with sesame oil, Medicated Ayurvedic Oils (Different for different Medical conditions, As per Ayurveda Doctor’s Advice ) (You can take advice at Amruta Ayurved Panchkarma Center Thane Mumbai), though you can also use other organic, cold-pressed oils like coconut and sunflower etc.

Ideal Time to do Oil Pulling – The best time to do Oil pulling is in the morning after one brush the teeth before breakfast. One can of course do the procedure any time of the day, but morning would be the best time. Another time that is suggested would late before going to bed.

Procedure :

Take one tablespoon of oil and swish it around in your mouth, from side to side, front to back, and in between your teeth. As with mouthwash, you do not want to swallow it. There is no need to swish so vigorously that your mouth gets tired. You’ll be loosening bacteria and hidden food particles even as you move the oil about gently. After a few minutes, the oil may turn into a thin, milky consistency. At this point, it’s time to spit it out, rinse, and brush as usual.

Benefits of Gandush and Kaval

– Improves strength of gums and teeth.
– Improve strength of lower jaw and chin
– Improve quality of speech, voice
– Improve strength of face
– Increase liking towards food
– Improve senses of taste
– Useful in dry lips, thirst
– Useful in Shirahshul (Headache)
– Useful in Manyashul (Neck Pain)
– Useful in Karna Roga (Ear Diseases)
– Useful in Akshi Roga (Eye Diseases)
– Useful in Lalasrav (Salivation problems)
– Useful in Kanth Roga (Throat Problems)
– Useful in Mukhashosh (Thirst)
– Useful in Aruchi (Anorexia)
– Useful in Pinas (Chronic Sinusitis)

Oil pulling is cheap; the only expense is for the oil you use. It is very easy; you simply swish oil in your mouth. Compared to other forms of detoxification it is relatively effortless. It doesn’t require dieting, fasting, or consuming unpleasant, and often bowel loosening, mixes of herbs and pills. And it is completely harmless.

कवल धारण -

जब औषध द्रव्यों के कवाथ, तैल इत्यादी को  मुख में इतना भर लिया जाये कि मुख में धारण किये हुऐ द्रव्य को इधर उधर घुमाया जा सकता है तो इसको कवल कहा जाता है | घूमाने के बाद इस द्रव पदार्थ को मुख से निकाला जाता है | इससे मुख में स्वच्छता और अन्नपान की इच्छा पैदा होती है | रोजाना दातुन से दांत साफ़ करने के बाद कवल धारण करना चाहिए | ऐसा करने से कई प्रकार के मुख रोगों का नाश होता है |

गण्डूष धारण -

गण्डूष में औषध द्रव्यों के कवाथ को पूरा भर लिया जाता है इसमें द्रव पदार्थ को मुख में इधर उधर नहीं चला सकते है | गण्डूष को तब तक धारण करके रखा जाता है जब तक मुख तथा कंठ के दोषों का स्त्राव तथा शमन न हो जाये | इसके बाद द्रव्य को निकालना चाहिए | यह मुख दात इ के रोगों को शांत करता है | इससे मुख में निर्मलता, लघुता आती है |

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